• Our standards
  • Running the league
  • What to do in severe weather
  • What to do if equipment is missing or faulty
  • What to do if low numbers/teams don’t show up
  • What to do in an accident or emergency 


  • LEAGUE MANAGER 07853 249069 (24hr)
  • OFFICE 0207 381 6034 (9am - 5.30pm)
  • EMERGENCY SERVICES  999 or 112


GO Mammoth is the largest provider of mixed and single-sex sports leagues to young professionals! We combine our leagues with regular and seriously fun social events to ensure our core demographic can enjoy both amazing sporting activities and unmatched socialising in their evenings and weekends. As the market leader, GO Mammoth has very high standards. Our reps follow a specific itinerary for delivering the leagues.

Running the league yourself

  • Complete the WEEKLY LEAGUE CHECKLISTS every week!

    • The are x2 checklists which act as your reminder of how a league should be delivered and will demonstrate to the league manager that you are remembering the most important aspects of the job.
      • "Start Checklist" - must be completed before the first match of the day begins
      • "End Checklist"  - must be completed 1hr after the last match of the day finishes
      • Both these checklists are accessed in this intranet under the "Checklist & Handbook" section.
  • Health & Safety / Insurance

    • The weekly checklist is an important part of our H&S and risk assessment procedures. In order for GO Mammoth to be compliant with our obligations as a deliverer of social sports leagues it is imperative that the checklist is completed during every league - failure to do so will result in you no longer being able to work for GO Mammoth.
    • RISK WAIVERS - It is your responsibility to ensure ALL PLAYERS (INCLUDING SUBS & STAND-INS) are signed onto the WAIVER. Failure to do this will result in disciplinary action. You should ask all teams whether there are any RINGERS every week - this is your responsibility - they should be added to the waiver AND logged in this system under the "Ringers" section.
    • GO Mammoth reps must take consideration of the playing conditions of the courts/pitches. If, in your judgement, the playing conditions are not safe (e.g. excessive standing water, ice, inadequate lighting, dangerous equipment etc) you should inform the league mgr immediately and re-schedule the fixture.
    • We DO NOT INSURE participants for playing sport. Please therefore encourage players to wear appropriate clothing and footwear to minimise the risk of injury. Please also give any beginners/novices to the sport a brief safety talk before their 1st game in the league.
    • It is the reps responsibility to ensure all spectators are a safe distance away from the play to avoid injury.
    • No smoking or drinking alcohol is permitted at a league
  • Selling & Promotion

    • All banners must be erected atleast 20min before the first match.
    • You must wear your GO Mammoth t-shirt or GO Mammoth jacket whilst working - at all times.
    • Sell the sponsor bar/pub to the players!!! This is the repping part of the job.. The social in the bar after the game is a MASSIVE part of GO Mammoth, this is why (rather than the sport) lots of people join GO Mammoth. Show them where it is, go with them for a drink, and say how amazing it is!
  • What to do if low numbers/teams don't show up!

    • If no members of a team show up, inform the opposing team that they have won by forfeit. Try and find stand-ins from other teams to create a "scrimmage" game.
    • If a partial team shows up (less than the minimum number allowed), explain the situation to the opposing team. If the opposing team agrees to play the short-handed team, the game will count. Make it v clear the game is official!
    • If the opposing team does not agree to play, they can either play the short-handed team unofficially or simply walk away and win by forfeit in both instances (we don?t encourage the latter!)
    • If 2 partial teams show up, have them play a real game whenever possible
    • NOTE: We never want players to leave without playing sport! Find a solution that works... players are always flexible as they ultimately want to play sport!
  • What to do in severe weather!

    • In very rare circumstances, you may be required to stop play altogether (e.g. blizzard, torrential rain). Cancel the fixture, take the players to the sponsor bar, and call the league mgr.
  • What to do if equipment is missing or faulty?

    • Try to solve the problem first by using your resourcefulness! Equipment is checked regularly - so make sure you are looking in the right place if you can't find it. Try asking the caretake/estates person for help. Last resort, call the league mgr. If the equipment is faulty still use it if it is safe. We can replace/fix it after the game. Always report faulty equipment to the league mgr at the end of the evening!
  • What to do in an accident or emergency!

    • Please refer to the GO Mammoth Incident Reporting Program


I have read and understood the above 


"Ten-Step" Incident Response Guide

1. Evaluate and secure the incident scene

2. Contact the local emergency response agency if necessary - 999

3. Never expose yourself to excessive risk or danger in responding

4. Provide first aid assistance if qualified when necessary or seek others who are

5. Direct emergency responders to incident scene and assist as necessary

6. After incident scene has been controlled and victims removed, contact corporate office or emergency phone numbers immediately

7. Identify and segregate possible witnesses to the incident

8. Interview witnesses and request them to complete witness report form

9. Conduct incident investigation and complete report form

10. Complete Incident Report online (see Incident Form) within 24 hours



MOBILE PHONE: 07853 249 069


0207 381 6034

Full Incident Response & Reporting Program
I have read and understood the above 





A. Sexual harassment is a form of sexual discrimination and, as such, is a violation of the law. Quite apart from its illegality, sexual harassment subverts the mission of the company and threatens the careers, professional experience and well-being of Contractors. Relationships involving sexual harassment or discrimination have no place within the company. In both obvious and subtle ways, the very possibility of sexual harassment is destructive to individual Contractors and the company as a whole. When, through fear of reprisal, a staff member submits or is pressured to submit to unwanted sexual attention, the company's ability to carry out its mission is undermined.


B. Sexual harassment is especially serious when it threatens relationships between supervisor and subordinate. In such situations, sexual harassment exploits unfairly the power inherent in a supervisor's position. Through promotions and the like, a supervisor can have a decisive influence on a Contractors career at the company and beyond.


C. While sexual harassment most often takes place in situations of a power differential between the persons involved; the company also recognizes that sexual harassment may occur between persons of the same company status.




No member of the company community shall engage in sexual harassment. For the purpose of this policy, sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome advances, requests for sexual favors, or other verbal, visual or physical conduct of a sexual nature when:


A. submission to such conduct is made explicitly or implicitly a term or condition of an individual's employment or status in a course, program or activity; or


B. submission to or rejection of such conduct is used as a basis for an employment decision affecting an individual;or


C. Such conduct has the purpose or reasonably foreseeable effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual's work or performance or of creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment for work.




Sexual harassment encompasses any sexual attention that is unwanted. Examples of verbal, visual, or physical conduct prohibited by this policy may include, but are not limited to:


A. physical assault;


B. direct or implied threats that submission to sexual advances will be a condition of employment, work status, promotion, grades, or letters of recommendation;


C. direct propositions of a sexual nature;


D. repeated unwanted staring;


E. sexually suggestive or insulting sounds or gestures (e.g., whistling or leering);


F. subtle pressure for sexual activity;


G. a pattern of conduct (not legitimately related to the subject matter of a course, if one is involved) that is intended to discomfort or humiliate, or both, that includes one or more of the following: (1) comments of a sexual nature, or (2) sexually explicit statements, questions, jokes or anecdotes;


H. a pattern of conduct that would discomfort or humiliate, or both, a reasonable person at whom the conduct was directed that includes, but is not limited to, one or more of the following: (1) unwanted touching, patting, hugging, or brushing against a person's clothing or body; (2) remarks of a sexual nature about a person's clothing or body; (3) disparaging remarks about one's gender; or (4) remarks about sexual activity or speculations about previous sexual experience.




Anyone believing that a provision of this policy has been violated is encouraged to report the violation to the appropriate person. Complaints regarding sexual harassment will be received, promptly investigated and vigorously pursued. A determination that this policy has been violated will result in appropriate disciplinary action up to and including immediate dismissal.

I agree to the above terms and conditions 




Staff clothing provided to the Contractor is the property of GO Mammoth.

A £5 deposit will be deducted from the contractor's 1st month of pay to cover the cost of the staff t-shirt (£10 deposit for jackets). The contractor will receive the deposit back in their last month of active work assuming they return their staff clothing to GO Mammoth. 



All GO Mammoth officials/reps/umpires are classed as SELF-EMPLOYED

This means you are personally responsible for declaring any income which might be taxable to HMRC.

You are obliged to organise a replacement official/rep if you confirm you are able to work for an event but then are unavailable (for whatever reason). 


We appreciate that life can be unpredictable at times and not all cancellations can be helped, however, if a facilitator or umpire cancels a shift within 24 hours of their required shift start time without an appropriate reason (see below), a deduction of half a shift's pay will be taken out of their pay at the end of the month. Cancellations of shifts without reasonable notice frequently result in leagues and classes no longer being able to run which has significant negative impact on all our members. 

If any one of the following are met, we will NOT make deductions from your month’s wages: 

·         You cancel your shift more than 24hrs before your scheduled shift is due to start

·         In regards to illness - a valid doctor’s medical note is sent within 48 hours of cancelling a shift

·         You provide in writing valid evidence and reasons (deemed by GO Mammoth) explaining what prevented you from working your shift

·         You find appropriate cover for your shift. Said person must be able to equal or better your level/standard of facilitating at the shift.

I agree to the above terms and conditions 


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